Women Hope of Tanzania

The founders Ms. Christina Herman Kaaya and Ms. Lynne Leahy of California, USA incorporated women Hope Of Tanzania Foundation over five years ago, an NGO based in Arusha Tanzania.

The main idea was generated when Ms. Lynne Leahy visited the Tengeru Market terminal back in 2004 and was amazed to witness that over 98% of the activities were run by women. She then visited some communities in the Meru village and observed that women were responsible and took obligations of managing household activities as well as taking care of children by providing the most of basic of living necessities such as food, shelter, clean water and clothing.

As she saw that women stepped out the traditional lifestyle and play such a role in a family and the community as a whole she was touched and inspired to remark...

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Safe Water Now

This organization was founded by Ms Tracy from Georgia America.
The main objective of this organization is to help people to get safe water by using water fillters made by soil.

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